the origins

Lamporecchio (Pistoia) – Neri Industria Alimentare was founded here, in the rolling hills of Tuscany between Vinci and Pistoia.

It's agro-industrial tradition has deep roots in the history of the family that has always been involved in the research of the best manufacturing and preservation systems.

In 1947, Neri Ademaro established the company beginning by picking olives in the neighbouring land, preserving and selling them to the families living nearby; over the years, then, he started the distribution of other preserved vegetables grown in the adjoining countryside.


first steps

The company evolved and made innovations bringing in automatic packaging machines and starting the distribution all over Tuscany. The first business cooperations were set up.



Thanks to the contribution of the daughters and of the rest of the family, the companies starts to sell outside the Region, mainly in Northern Italy. Neri starts to work with large retailers and to look at international markets.



The company innovated again bringing in semi-automatic packaging machines and pasteurization system to ensure a longer duration of the products.


the beginning of the collaboration with large retailers

Neri starts to distribute its products to large retailers and to develop the relationship with a few foreign customers.


the new plant

Inauguration of a new cutting-edge plant covering an area of 15 thousand square meters and equipped with the most advanced technology of the sector. Thanks to this challing investment the manufacturing plant has become fully automated from the raw material processing up to the proper manufacturing phase.

The production capacity of the plant has become 7 times higher compared to the previous one being of about 400 cans per minute, up to a maximum of 24 thousand cans per hour.


a green choice

Neri becomes a low-environmental impact company, thanks to top-quality photovoltaic installations featuring 1254 solar panels that supply 75% of the company energy demand, i.e. a large share of the energy necessary for manufacturing processes.



The manofacturing lines were doubled in order to achieve a higher flexibility in the production optimization and making it particularly suitable for the new special sizes line.


market leaders

Neri is an always growing reality able to choose the best fruits and vegetables in the Mediterranean market as well as to establish quality standards higher than the average of the sector. Our everyday work contributes to increase the induced activities of our area and enlarge our customers supplying high quality products and painstaking and present service. Neri started manufacturing Tuscan olives and today it esports pickles, appetizers and side dishes as well as legumes, tomato pupl, peeled tomatoes, sauses and fruit-based products. Our products ar the real answer to the need of quality and tastiness as we respect the selected recipes that reflect the care and passion of a family with more than 70 years of experience.